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I'm a Machine Learning Engineer at Google, where I specialize in applying ML techniques to enhance Google Maps. My journey in data science began with brief yet impactful stints at Flipkart and Amazon India as a Data Scientist.

At Amazon, I had the opportunity to work on various teams. In Compliance Operations, I managed multiple ML and NLP projects focused on ASIN classification and audit reporting. On the Workplace Health and Safety team, I developed a knowledge graph from unstructured injury text data. Currently, in the Customer Behavior Analytics team, I’m creating an automated AWS S3 event-triggered pipeline to measure the incremental causal attribution of various programs toward new customer acquisition using the Double Machine Learning (DML) framework. Alongside my role at Amazon, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in NLP from IIT Kanpur.

Before joining Amazon, I worked as a Data Scientist at IBM Corporate Headquarters (IBM CHQ) and as a Research Software Engineer at IBM Research Lab in India. My passion for machine learning drives me to continuously explore data, design innovative algorithms, write code, and embrace new technologies.

Beyond my professional life, I enjoy playing soccer, cricket, badminton, and table tennis. I also love embarking on long drives with my backpack, good music, and great company.

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